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msc celebrates 48 years!  

CVS, Tri-State Electric, and TVA partners with Msc

Thank you to CVS, TRI State Electric, and TVA for their generous donations to Mineral Springs Center!

A "Day to shine" during the Covid pandemic

Jonathan and his mom, Holly
Kari enjoying conversation with Tara while getting her make up on for the prom!

MSC says thank you to all donors!

MSC would like to thank all who have donated to help keep MSC open during the Covid Pandemic.  Your generosity has resutled in a total of over 136k dollars to help us continue to provide quality services throughout the Covid pandemic and into the future as we continue to recover from the economic loss.  MSC is surrounded by a community who values the lives of those we serve.  

List of donors

MSC receives the 2020 Fannin County Chamber of Commerce's Heart of the Community Award.


MSC is utliizing virtual services so that we can stay connected during the Covid pandemic!  Here we are enjoying a game of Wheel of Fortune. 

Informational reports

FY 2021 Annual Report
Annual Report 2015.docx
Microsoft Word document [2.8 MB]
MSC Funding Sources FY 2021
FY2021 Cash Basis for Budget.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [200.0 KB]

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Mission Statement: 

Mineral Springs Center, Inc provides community access and personal support services to adults with ID/DD with the focus on prioritizing independence, purpose, and meaning as defined by each individual.   


Vision Statement: 

Lives filled with confidence, 

acceptance, laughter, 

challenges, achievements, 

friends, and opportunities to be active members of a community who values each individual’s abilities and companionship. 


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