Helping People Help Themselves

What We Believe


That people with disabilities should, to the fullest extent possible, be integrated members of the community, having access to all its services as well as sharing in the responsibilities of being a community member.


That all people with whom Mineral Springs Center comes in contact should be treated with dignity and respect whether that person is a client, a relative or guardian of a client, a staff member, a representative of another agency,



In being flexible when it makes sense to do so in order to meet the needs of our



In conducting on-going internal and external evaluations of our operations and staff in order to make continuous quality improvements in both our service delivery system and our organizational management.


In having an array of service options to meet the various needs and choices of our



In keeping our building in the best condition possible and maintaining state-of

the-art competencies for our staff.


Our Tasks 


To provide needed and wanted services to people with disabilities.


To assist and support people with disabilities to live and participate in their own community.


To assist people with disabilities in the acquisition of skills and competencies that will further their growth and independence.


To enable people with disabilities and their families or guardians to effectively use all available resources to achieve growth and maximum independence.


To assist people with disabilities to have roles in their lives that will give them the dignity and respect they need from other people in their community.


To give people with disabilities choices in how they want to live their lives and to assist in making those choices possible.


To support people with disabilities and their families or guardians in advocating for their rights.



Our Mission


Mineral Springs Center, Inc. provides day habilitation, day supports, personal and social services and community employment services to adults with developmental disabilities who live in Fannin and Gilmer counties in an effort to help each individual reach their highest potential of independence.


Our Purpose

To provide an individual training program that will maximize our individuals served functioning and move them closer to the development of their full potential.  We do this through facility, community, home, and employment  based programs.   We provide our services in an environment  that utilizes natural and community supports, and embodies individual choice.

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Support Mineral Springs Center by purchasing one of our cook books, with recipes donated exclusively from our customers, staff and their familes. contact us for more information.

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